Open Wardrobe Designs Idea with Multifunction Concept

Open wardrobe designs come in different concept to fit the user necessity. Everybody knows that everyone must have different taste in choosing something including their clothes storage. Basically, there are some options of apparel storage to pick such as wardrobe and closet. Every item has different model, advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start to discuss the wardrobe in detail first.

Open Wardrobe Design Plan

The basic thing comes from open wardrobe designs is the fact that you can see anything in it directly. It is because it doesn’t involve any door as like common cabinetry to cover the content. In this case, it looks like open kits installed in the cabinet even wall. The size of the open wardrobe must be different based on the desire and room condition. If you have more collection of clothes, it may be bigger to store all of them tidily. Unlike closet, wardrobe size is quite smaller. Sometimes, it comes as walk-in-wardrobe which has small additional space where you can step in while dressing. As clothes storage, it has some basic kits to install such as hanging rack, hooks, shelves and drawers for certain types of clothes. The design of the wardrobe is able to be unique and creative depends on the owner. If you are going to remodel it for more efficient function, attaching personalized racks or kits may be helpful enough.

Open Wardrobe Design Idea

Open Wardrobe Design 2012

Don’t say that accessories are only always perfect for room decoration. You even can decorate your wardrobe to get chic appearance while you are dressing in it. LED lamp is the best lighting to illuminate this clothes storage. Install the LED lamp under the kits or shelves to get the light effect better in this small storage space. You are able to choose various LED lamp types to decorate the open wardrobe designs. This simple area will be brighter as night illumination in the bedroom. It even can be a focal point in the room before you know it. Try to keep it clean and tidy so that it will be good to stare anytime. We prefer to suggest you to choose wood and white color for spacious accent in this limited storage space.

Open Wadrobe Design Modern

Open Concept Wadrobe Design