Open Wardrobe Ideas

Open wardrobe ideas — Function rather than a storage closet, but is aesthetically cabinets can also beautify your bedroom. So, do not overdo it if the setting is important to note. But sometimes we do not have broad space for the existence of this wardrobe. One solution is to create a wardrobe that does not like ‘wardrobe’. Some people call it open wardrobe. As the name suggests, this is not a door cabinets. Everything in it can be seen directly. The inside of this cabinet can be structured like a regular cabinet. There is a shelf area for storing clothing or other objects, and hanging area for hanging clothes.


open wardrobe ideas



open wardrobe storage


Without the existence of the door, where closets are like nothing. Everything is open, without doors. There is a cupboard, but there is not a rich cabinet. The effects of this as an open cabinet similar to abolish the bulkhead in the room. More relieved and for the room that relatively narrow, wardrobe like this could give a sparing effect of land and extend his. Another plus, open the cabinet to force the owner to always be neatness. How not? All are open, if not neatly folded clothes, socks and tie messy for example, would be clearly visible with open wardrobe ideas.


open wardrobe systems


Size of the cabinets can be tailored to the needs or the availability of land. Similarly, the number of shelves or drawers to be made. Practical advice, for which intends to create an open closet, make a basket or box for storing small items, like ties, ribbons, scarves, and so forth. So it looks more interesting, the rear cabinet wall mirrors can be coated or patterned wallpaper. To prevent clothes from dust, these cabinets can be equipped with sliding doors of transparent glass. Indeed, the presence of glass can make the cabinet is not open anymore, but due to the nature of transparent glass that was still able to maintain the “openness” cabinet, so that it can create a wardrobe like nothing — open wardrobe ideas.