Outdoor buffet table

The holiday season is coming. Family and friends always take the opportunity to get together and have a reunion. And that means a number of partners to participate in or organize. If you are the host and wait for a large number of participants, a buffet set up cheaper and more convenient. It reduces the need to prepare and distribute all the courses, each participant in the party. The more participants you have unlimited access to food. Outdoor buffet table party basics are not difficult to follow. The main thing is to keep everything in order, so customers can seamlessly move food and utensils. How to do it? Below are some tips on how to effectively set up a buffet table.

Outdoor buffet table decor

1. To set up a long table. Set separate tables for food and drink. Before preparing the table, the area should be considered. Indoor and buffet party would be different to the table, and positioning. If your party is outdoors and includes barbecue, set up a table near the grill. Indoor parties, remove all the tops to set up drinks and accessories. Using a tool table, buffet party is always pleasant. It can also eliminate the use of cloths, because they are more resistant to scratches and damage.

Outdoor buffet table ideas

2. Place the plates and cutlery at both ends. Support plate at one end and silverwares napkins and the other end to prevent foreign congesting one part of the table. This will facilitate the queue. The most common problem is a party where guests fall in line, or use the Outdoor buffet table without squeezing each other.

Outdoor buffet table iron

3. Place the food products on both sides of the table. The main course is likely to take most of the table space. And that is what most guests take advantage of, which is also likely to create unwanted congestion. Putting food on both sides to reduce the likelihood of congestion.

Outdoor buffet table serving cart

4. Arrange the food – so food also affects the location of the queue. Therefore, initially the main course, the first side dishes, desserts and breads. You may also want to put desserts and bread into smaller, separate table at the end. Do not forget spices. Whether you put them on both ends of the table, or in a separate table for desserts.

Outdoor buffet table setting

5. Fill out as often as possible – do not wait until the food runs out on the Outdoor buffet table. Fill out so often to keep food fresh. Serve warm, the food must have hot and cold when it should be cold. In addition, the desserts come later, when the main course was served.