Public space interior design

Public space, such as lobby, is necessary to be making over to attract people stay longer there. You can imagine how a hotel has no interesting lobby, so guest or visitors that coming will not hundred percent trust with quality of the hotel. However, first impression is so much important, and lobby or public space is the first impression for guest to judge how professional the hotel management itself. Thus, it is a main or even vital thing to manage well public space interior design to attract visitors especially to get higher benefits from their broom booked. The rationality is simple, when visitor is coming and sit in lobby, and they feel comfort or even homey in there, they would not think twice to reserve any room to stay longer in the hotel. First the public area is managed well, does the private room.
Public space interior design ideas
Public space interior design is proven lots. One thing you need to prepare first is the concept. Concept will help you determine to select the stuffs you may need to fulfill the space. While you are going to have modern look of public space, take sofa with big to medium cushion type of chair to provide waiting room for visitors. Yes, lobby is the area while people could freely access it to do anything since it is public means have no rights to interfere and conduct any private things there. Round chair with minimalist accent would be match fully for your contemporary concept. Not only chair or seating, are other equipments also needed to make it perfect. Good lighting for example, paintings, wall paper, tables such as coffee table or front desk or receptionist are also should be taken care to create perfect appearance.
Public space interior design
Public space interior design moreover is the strategic to pursuit many visitors to be interested with service of hotel. As I have told you before, not human nor hotel are judged from first impression or sightseeing. If you have been enough capable to welcoming people in first meeting, for instance people will judge you back as professional and deserved to be stayed there. Trust me, it works!
Public space interior design 2012