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For thousands of years, the color purple is associated with nobility and royalty. Senators in ancient Rome used to dye togas with a Purple bedroom ideas stripe to show their importance, while Western monarchies adopted the color of the symbol of their power in later centuries. Day represents the color still plenty, but it can also be used as an odd way to fit into any design scheme. One way to get all the benefits of this lovely hue has to offer is by installing purple curtains at home.

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Purple bedroom ideas to suit a variety of rooms. The one place where they excel is the master bedroom, where they can lend elegance and luxury, creating a lush, romantic and relaxing getaway. When paired with a dark wall, heavy purple curtains make the room more dramatic-looking, masculine and powerful. Lighter shades window treatments and wall colors can bring a sense of tranquility and femininity.

Purple bedroom ideas for kids

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Violet colored curtains are also perfect for a little girl’s room. Imagine decorating the room for a little girl, iridescent shades of lavender, purple colored curtains. For a softer, country looking for the style, you can choose fabrics that are light in color, but there is a small lavender flower print. These would also be a large kitchen, which is decorated in a country style. Older girls in their teen years can appreciate the design is a bit sharper. One way to introduce more whimsical style of an otherwise boring room is to install amethyst colored vintage curtains, Purple bedroom ideas. These can be used to create a retro vibe, which is very popular among young people. One advantage of buying vintage window treatments is that you can often find them on sale at garage sales or thrift stores in nominal prices, making them both economical and stylish.

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Interior shades of purple can be difficult, because the color is so bold. Remember that the color intensity is improved when Against all shades of yellow, because they are opposite on the color wheel. You can use this to your advantage if you have a large room, where you have to break up space into more manageable areas.