Raised bed garden design

Plants and raised beds offer many advantages in today’s orchards and gardens. There are several advantages in building Raised bed garden design in your garden, many of which can be performed alone or as a garden designer .


Ideal for people with back problems , where the normal gardening is a problem. It also allows access for the disabled , designed in the right way , there is no reason why a garden designed for a disabled person should offer less space for installation. Because raised beds are made so that the bed is fully accessible from three years ( if the bed is adjacent to a wall) for 4 sides and making them easy to care for all levels of gardeners .

Check the pH of your soil.

Raised bed garden design ideasWith Raised bed garden design , you need to choose what goes in the bed of soil. For example, if your garden soil is acidic and you feel limited by what you can grow plants in raised beds can be filled with a soil with a neutral pH , which is freely available for purchase in n ‘ any amount you want. Like wise , if the land of the existing garden has a high pH (7 or more alkaline) and want to make it more acidic compost and acidophilus may be added to achieve this goal.

better drainage

If you have a heavy clay soil that is difficult to work then raised bed remedies this by allowing you to start from scratch, you might as well start by putting a layer of large stones, broken bricks , tiles or rubble around the building as drainage layer below and then fill with soil .

soil conservation

Where flower beds , terraces and paths are on the ground floor which often leads to soil and other debris blowing on these surfaces leading to more storage. With raised beds it is still well contained and the wind rarely disturbs the soil enough to slip out of reading it.

fewer weeds

Raised bed garden design GalleryIf your door in the floor to fill the Raised bed garden design, then it will contain weed seeds , unless the ground of your existing garden that leads to less weeding . When you fill the new bed with ground leaves a good lead in the first 15 inches of the ground to the top of the raised bed , so that you can fill with a 10 cm layer of mulch that is gravel , pebbles , bark, etc. , which will also reduce the need for weeding and irrigation.

Raised bed garden design plans