Shabby chic decor

Shabby chic decor can not represent a tendency to go much hotter but it offers a great way to satisfy those of us with a nostalgic character many levels. I love the way that updates the traditional look of antiques and period furniture with “the use of pastel colors mixed with shades of white and cream. Fabrics also improve the general atmosphere of intimacy and add a very natural feel to the room.

Shabby chic decor kitchenIn addition to my love of vintage, history and genealogy decor I also love the feeling I get when I can make an intelligent use of resources, reducing waste and disorder. Shabby chic decor is well suited because it can be reused with what some might consider trash in a beautiful vintage treasure.

Old books can become even valuable as accent pieces . An old armchair left out waste collection door – to – door can be saved with a coat of paint , a few techniques to give a vintage look and a new profession cushion. Old tin , silver or silver plated serving pieces that show some wear to become stylish and useful although pieces of accent.

Recently, I came across a great idea to turn the old lanterns or glass jars in the display room for photographs. If you explore the genealogy long to quickly find vintage photos are part of the fun. When you start to accumulate a large collection becomes difficult to make intelligent use of them . I never thought to put them in a jar or a lantern. It just does not look very attractive there air ?

Shabby chic decor BedroomIt turns out that this is a great piece of Shabby chic decor . Just an old painting white or off- white lantern , using the techniques of painting so common difficulty in this type of decoration, then copy and print your old photo on photo paper, size and fit within the lantern. The last step is to cut and place so they get inside the lantern.

Shabby chic decor wallpaper