Shabby chic decorating

It is nearly 30 years since World of Interiors coined the term Shabby chic decorating and there is no doubt that this is now one of the most desirable styles of interior . Its origin was a natural evolution of the English country house (with some Swedish and French castle thrown in ), but is now a shabby chic style with its own distinct creative lexicography. It is a style comfortable in most homes , but if you have not inherited a house full of beautifully designed, but old, well used furniture , it can be very difficult to achieve from scratch . The key ? In a word – flowers.

Shabby chic decorating ideasThe balance between Shabby chic decorating and it is not always easy to get, but it does put the emphasis on style and construction , shabby chic pieces are solid and well made, often with exquisite details , style the room is always chic, only the final is lousy .

One way to customize your home with this style is to use simple copies , with faded colors and select tables or side (preferably both) with a vintage look. Shabby chic tables are still made of wood, but usually painted , usually white or pastel color and sometimes embellished with a drawing. Floral accents are perfect, always in soft colors like pink or sage green . Rose in full , hydrangeas and other flowers in containers cottage garden in trouble, or grouped into buckets soil florist are the perfect backdrop.

Shabby chic decorating ideas BedroomWhy is Shabby chic decorating so popular? Perhaps because it is vast and comfortable times , ideal for conservatories, bathrooms and bedrooms and corridors of life, and as a showcase for the design timeless . Floral chintz on the furniture with botanical prints on the wall, and if your sofa is simple, the better, just add a collection of cushions women.

Accented with pink, your shabby chic interior is a chalet style , accented with pale blue egg or duck , it is close to the beach, where tables in trouble and console can be houses collections of shells and vases of pale blue hydrangeas .

Shabby chic decorating Living Room