Shower Tiles Ideas

Talking about bathroom will not be separated from the floor tile material. The existence of the house floor is often underestimated, because in fact or tile floor is an important element in the house. Please check again, if the tiles and the function room is right for you? Actually, it is not difficult to check. The first thing you need to do is categorize the nature of space in your own home.


shower tiles ideas



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Specifically in the bathroom, you can choose tiles with a rough surface. It is of course to minimize the risk of accidents, such as slipping. You can use ceramic tiles for your shower area. This material is considered most appropriate to use as wall and floor coverings. That’s because the nature of the ceramic which is resistant to water. Ceramics also have many motives. Starting from the plain, as white, to colorful. Including the form of mosaic. Subsequent development, much like the surface of the ceramic with natural materials. Take for example, are similar to wood, bamboo, granite, stone temples, and so forth. Development referred to above that actually makes it easier for users ceramics. Price of natural materials which are generally more expensive, how to treat the more troublesome, is resolved by the presence of ceramics.


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Ceramics made of soil and inorganic materials that contain no metal. Because the pores of the ceramic is so small, the water is not easily absorbed into the ceramic surface. Thus, preventing terbentunya stubborn spots. Another advantage of ceramics is the size of which varies. This size is applicable internationally. The number of these measures give us an opportunity to create a varied pattern of installation. But not only ceramic thta you can make as shower tile shower material for your bathroom. Glass tile can also be used. Create a mosaic effect caused your bathroom shower area was beautiful. We recommend using glass tile for the walls of your bathroom shower area. Do not use glass tile for the floor because the risk of causing an accident in the bathroom is quite large. Well, now you can choose tiles that fit your taste and design your bathroom shower.