Small Bathroom Layout

Sometimes changing the look of the bathroom is considered necessary to provide freshness. How not? Activity is self-cleaning routine should be done every day. Thus, it is very pleasant when the routine is supported also by the arrangement of the perfect bathroom. You can play every inch of the existing elements in the bathroom, from the wash of color to some of the decorations that can be adapted to the conditions of space and some support facilities, such as water channels.


small bathroom layout plans



small bathroom layout



But it would be much harder to make the bathroom if you own a limited land. This article contains a small bathroom layout will give an overview of making a small bathroom. In general, designing a bathroom takes careful planning, considering some of the equipment in it has a permanent nature. Even small changes are made, ranging from installation to support other items, it will take time and huge costs.


small bathroom layout ideas



small bathroom layout ideas with shower


The main steps that can be done, by making all the data it needs and the activities that you need in the bathroom. For color, choose an alloy in accordance with the walls, floors, and supporting accessories in the bathroom. Take advantage of the vertical plane becomes a part of the function room in the bathroom. It could also put a mirror along the mirror opposite the dinding.Tempatkan around the bathroom, especially the sink or toilet. Most of you would be afraid to play the color in the bathroom. Do not worry, you can really use a neutral color as the wallpaper. Light up a dark corner of the bathroom with additional lighting. You can create dramatic effects by putting the lights on the inlet wall or it could be behind the mirror. We suggest choosing tiles bathroom is large and tightly lined grout so that it looks perfect. So that the fungus does not grow, the stronger the floor should be chosen, not slippery, not easily broken, and has high durability.