Small Home Designs

Small home designs — The development of real estate today is very rapid, it is characterized by the number of units of development properties, such as apartments or condominiums or exclusive super luxury building or small houses. Along with the development of the property world, the needs of the community will house these days is very high. If insufficient budget to purchase a home that middle-end, or a simple little house was not an obstacle to realizing the desire to have a house.


small home designs



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Although small, a home should be beautiful, healthy, and environmentally friendly. That’s the key word to build whatever size house, including building or selecting a small house. Beautiful is not necessarily expensive. Creativity is a wise and intelligent architect actually able to realize a small house-efficient building materials and deal with all the limitations, both funds and land. Beautiful concept can be translated in the form of house plans are straightforward and easy maintenance. Limitations of land to encourage development of small terraced houses.


modern small home design


For small home designs, plan to make an open space and minimal wall, both walls, walls, or doors, make the room feel airy. Merging function space tailored to the needs of residents. The playhouse also be healthy. Optimization of sunlight as a source of natural lighting throughout the house early evening and moonlight and stars at night. Optimization of sunlight and air circulation can be made by opening doors and windows with a width and length to reach the floor. For interior accessories, installation of mirrors on one wall, like the porch, living room and bathroom, will add vast imaginary space. Decorating the walls with paintings, family photos, certificates, plaques, or ethnic objects as the focal point of life add to the atmosphere of space while providing psychotherapy to the residents. Use Built-in Furniture (Modular Furniture). Built-in designs to create the impression of simple and makes a wider space. Moreover, it can reduce the cost of purchasing furniture. For example, in the bedroom, the closet can be “attached” to the wall or in the gypsum. We just need to make shelves in it and make the door only to minimize the cost of making furniture. The inside of the cabinet can be covered with wallpaper that much sweeter.

Use of Small Sized Furniture. For example, for the dinner table. Use a small table and placed against the wall with 4 chairs. Seats are used so that the puff better impression of wider space. Use the same coffee table and credenza are small. Choose A Memorable Light Furniture. Do not choose furniture that is “heavy” and thick. Find furniture that is thin and shape the framework, not the field. Choose the color of a light-colored room. Dark colors do not space for a large wall areas. Widespread impression bright colors. Then use the furniture for maximum storage space and do not let too much empty wall. Blank wall can be filled with paintings or ornaments. Do not also be too full. But just enough so that the building does not seem empty and cold — Small home designs.