Small Kitchen Design 2012

Small kitchen design 2012 — Small minimalist kitchen design that is quite beautiful and impressive clean, it is for a minimalist home design, but for those of you who want to apply in addition to the minimalist design of the house can also be, because the design is properly used with any design. Small kitchen does not mean to be crude. This small kitchen, although a mini-sized, its existence remains functional. On the other hand, only made the interior so attractive. If the house is little land for the kitchen, do not let go just like that. There can be beautiful even small-sized kitchen.


small kitchen design 2012



small kitchen design


The first lock on the kitchen design solution that occupies a tiny space is the continuous manufacture of the cabinet to the ceiling. The goal that can accommodate a variety of cooking utensils and other kitchen tools in small kitchen design 2012. For additional storage containers, made in the cabinet and hanging rack on the other side of the kitchen wall, above the dining table area against the wall. Open shelves can be used to facilitate the display, dinner ware, or utensils that are used frequently. So no need to bother to unscrew the closet.


small kitchen design images


Utilization of space on the corner of the room which is specifically for the kitchen can be an alternative or the other way in the maximum utilization of space. How does the arrangement of the kitchen is quite efficient in the use of the place where the place is relatively narrow. Well, this is also one way or the other alternatives in land or space that will be used for an efficient kitchen. How do I use to be that of a narrow space to be impressed by the “width” and also of course a factor of cleanliness and neatness is maintained. Tips for you, actually makes the place a spacious and airy lies of neatness and cleanliness of the place. White domination is also very helpful to make this kitchen feels bright and airy. If you notice, the cabinet under the kitchen set was made to drift. At the bottom is illuminated. In addition to beautify, but also to keep the kitchen easier to clean. Sufficient lighting to make the dirt more clearly visible — small kitchen design 2012.