Small Modern Bathroom

Spacious bathroom you are limited, but it takes a lot of facilities? Relax, the key is to make the proper layout procedures so that all needs are met and you feel comfortable in it. Current bathroom design trends growing in line with the modern lifestyle that exists. The bathroom is no longer a small space with the main activity of self-cleaning. Despite widespread bathroom sometimes made limited, but may not decide to apply your passion for exciting ideas for your bathroom can look attractive and beautiful.


small modern bathroom designs



small modern bathroom design ideas


Play every inch of surface space to be an arrangement of decorations that fit. What if your bathroom is a limited area, but would like to present a wide functionality and convenient? The key layout is the arrangement of the compact so it can look more harmonious and in tune. Although it has limited land, you can still enter the complementary elements, such as bathtub, shower area and toilet. Each of these areas are only separated by the distance to flow enough air circulation. However, all remain compliant until the space you can still get comfort.


small modern bathroom



small modern bathroom ideas



Start layout, placement of each facility, to the wall through the use of overdrafts, overdraft, they should look harmonious. The bathroom always has a circulation of moisture. So, you should create a good draft ventilation to maintain air circulation and sunlight into the bathroom because the air is damp makes mold and mildew thrive in the bathroom. With the flexibility of space and a view overlooking the outside, making the bathroom comfortable and like a luxury resort. Should separate the wet area and dry area. Use a shower curtain box or barrier to prevent water splashes from wet area shower room.  As for the other sanitation, such as toilet, bath up, and the vanity, should be placed in a dry area.