Spacious Room Design

Spacious room design — A dwelling would appear spacious and airy with proper arrangement. Then, how to design your home in order to perform optimally? Currently we are getting harder to find and make great homes because of limited space and cost, except for some certain circles. For that, need to be handled how to utilize and maintain a house or a room that already exist. However, it remains aligned to be able to look spacious and airy. These tips are intended more for the residents who have limited land and a small house. Because it needs to be handled so that homeowners can feel the freedom and spaciousness in one hand and not feel cramped and pengapnya house.


spacious room design



spacious living room


The more light that flows through a space, will make the room look bigger. Therefore, for spacious room design , it is important to consider installing a skylight. Especially for bathrooms and kitchen area. Because the skylight has the power to bring its vast dimensions and light in a room. While for the interior, making a priority of furniture that will be placed will help the look of the room feel spacious. Too much furniture that is placed on a space will make the room look full, disrupt or interfere with good lighting and traffic circulation of people.


spacious room


In addition, the mirror is the most sophisticated weapons to expand the space. Not only through the illusion created, the mirror also can help produce a brighter light. Before there was electricity, mirrors and glass lamps placed behind a lot more help to illuminate the room. Foyer and dining room is a favorite place to put the mirror. Form of a narrow and wide will appear more spacious foyer through the arrangement of a large mirror is placed behind the desk kredenza or consul. A framed mirror as well as creating the impression of a vertical, also make the room feel taller. While for the selection of furniture, should be chosen with different shapes so as to create a dynamic space structure — spacious room design.