Stairs Design Ideas

Stairs design ideas — Stair design is a combination of mathematical precision and artistic taste. Good design begins with a complete mathematical calculations. If you incorrectly calculate the exact number / height of the stairs, as well as the need for space for appliances, home became uncomfortable. Artistic taste will make a ladder into a charming interior ornaments. Ergonomic design of the ladder should be. That is, the ladder should be comfortable to wear and people do not feel tired climbing stairs. Ideally, the steps 20 cm high. Certainly can be tolerated. But more than 25 cm will make people get tired after a long time. The width of the stairs at least 25 cm. In order enough for footprints. Anything less is dangerous. While the long staircase that is comfortable to at least 0.9 to 1 meter passing.


stairs design ideas



stairs designs for small spaces



High (rise) and the width of the stairs (run) should be consistent. All steps must be possessed height and width are identical for stairs design ideas. Therefore, the calculation must be done since the beginning of the design. Space form can follow the steps. So it is not always a straight ladder. Appliances in the home can be an L-shaped or U The most popular is the staircase form of N because it is more concise. Appliances U can be very flexible depending on space. U, ladder can also be developed into a mezzanine. Ie the space between floor 1 and floor 2. Mezzanine in the house is a stop for a moment. On the mezzanine you can put the family room, or den. A cross between mezzanine and the stairs are suitable to be applied in homes with limited space but need lots of space.


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Area households should receive adequate sunlight from the floor 2. If not, humid area and stairs will lead to the impression of horror or grim. Calculated so that sunlight can enter the stairwell. This can be done by creating a window with the glass off the wall or glassblock / glass tiles on the roof of the house. Natural lighting is designed from the beginning to function like decorative lighting on the wall near the stairs. In effect, the strengthening sun wall hanging as a focal point in the area in a stunning staircase. In this article has shown how the stairs could be an exotic interior ornaments as well as functional. In the hands of an architect or interior designer designer stairs are not only functional but also beautiful. Well-designed staircase can be a part of the charming interior — stairs design ideas.