Studio Apartment Arrangement

For those who are still single, living in a studio apartment would still be very possible. Although its small, the activities in which residents can take place optimally. Generally, studio-type apartments have one room that accommodates a variety of activities, from the living room as the main hall, kitchen and dining room, bedroom and bathroom. However, for a variety of functions in a studio-type room is run properly, it needs proper interior. One way is to peek at the tips and tricks to live in a tiny dwelling.


studio apartment arrangement



studio apartment arrangement ideas



Some conditions such as furniture arrangement customized size, simple, without the concept of insulation, as well as the creation of space effectively and efficiently you can apply here. It starts with your desire to share the room, then you can use the concept of the room without a bulkhead. No such massive bulkhead partitions can sometimes make the room look more narrow. Therefore, use antarruang distinction by playing floor height. Or, do you distinguish the space with the addition of natural fiber carpeting or in your living room, while in the other room added wood parquet. The concept of this screen without the other benefits, namely the function can be changed at any time when bored and want to change the whole room.


studio apartment design ideas



studio apartment interior design


Furthermore, when you select the furniture should be adapted to the dimensions or size of the room. You have to be realistic to choose furniture that is compact, multifunctional, yet ergonomic. Compact manifold and multifunctional furniture will save space in your studio apartment unit. Do not forget to consider the elements as well as filling the room with a good look at the limited area of the room. Furniture with simple design seems more fitting for your apartment. In order for the room feel more spacious, you can apply neutral colors like beige bright young, white or beige on the ceiling, walls and floors. However, neutral color over time can be boring. For that, you can get around with a touch of bright color accents. Problem relieve the boredom, the way this classic can still do, by manipulating the space by putting a mirror on the wall. The trick, point the mirror on the field so that the impression of more so. Want to try?