Studio Apartment Design

Studio apartment design — Designing the interior of a spacious studio apartment type limited area is a little tricky job. We must be creative and find solutions as a middle way between these two objectives; divide space into a bedroom studio apartment and make the interior design and decoration that seemed comfortable and roomy. Both must be met, functionality and aesthetics of the room studio apartment. With proper planning and design, we will get a comfortable studio apartment, with a good arrangement of space and still provide privacy. A link between functionality and style, creating a cozy studio apartment to live.


studio apartment design



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Reduce the size of your furniture, you may prefer a large furniture such as a large sofa with carving, spring king size bed, coffee table of ebony big dimension, and so on. Furniture, furniture is not wrong, that wrong is that he is in a room that is too narrow to accommodate them all. Using a bed plus sofabed make your living room could serve as a sleeping space at night. Use a glass table that can double as a coffee table and dining table. Make a wardrobe or closet that serves as a growing wardrobe, cosmetics as well as storage for your belongings. If you want to share rooms by function such as the kitchen and living room, you can use a light partition, or use a partition that could serve as a bookcase or shelf. In addition to its function as partitions between rooms, it also serves to keep your favorite objects remain well ordered.


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For privacy purposes, not whether you are free to create an open space with the rest of the room. You need a visual barrier, dividing the space of privacy is the bedroom with another room such as dining room and living room / living room to watch tv or reading room. For studio type apartment, make a partition of the solid wall is not an option that can be done. The best solution is the use of lightweight partitions and multifunctional. Partition between the room not only serves as a divider, but also can have various functions, such as; bookcases (bookcase), display frame, display cases your accessories (small vessels, a small statue, etc.), can even be a TV stand. Because the space is limited studio apartments, one idea / strategy is requires a lot of lighting design. Reveal curtains that block natural light to enter. Allow your windows so natural light media, from the outside into your apartment room. If natural lighting is done and the intensity of light in the room is still lacking, try using light to increase the intensity of the light and make your room seem larger and spacious. Remember that bright colors create an illusion that appears in a broad impression of space, color, light and high light intensity would give the impression of the room your studio apartment.