Tiny bathroom idea

Do you have a small bathroom to remodel?

Tiny bathroom ideas IKEAWant to have a sparkling new Tiny bathroom idea but you’re afraid that your tiny toilet just is not big enough to turn the ceramic heaven that you want ?

Get to know your bathroom and spend time designing the new

Before you write off the idea completely why not sit down with a few sheets of square graph paper and try some different ideas. Measure your bathroom accurately then draw to scale on square paper so you can see exactly where everything is.

When you have a specific design of your bathroom as it is now , it’s time to start dreaming of the bathroom that you want . Put your current bathroom drawing aside and get a sheet of graph paper. Draw the outline of your bathroom on this sheet of graph paper . Now take another piece of paper and draw precise scale of things that you want to move into the new bathroom design.

Cut out the shapes you’ve drawn and try to have the outline of your bathroom. Because you only have a small bathroom you might need to be creative , especially if you want to get more in your new bathroom you had in the old one.

An example of a small bathroom remodeling project

Tiny bathroom ideas DecorI recently remodeled my small bathroom to make it more attractive and add a shower in the Tiny bathroom idea, so we did not need to take a shower in the bath . The remodeling ideas all started when I dropped something in the tub and cracked. I was not popular to do so and I look forward to the project, but I love him to bits now it’s done . You can read all about how I did in this article Ideas for remodeling Tiny bathroom idea .

Ideas to help you solve the problem of a small bathroom

Place a large radiator on the wall

If you have a radiator to take the wall space consider putting higher. This could free up space for a sink or toilet.

Place the bathroom in the middle of the room

If you’re limited to where you can put the bathtub pipes and uneven walls then think about putting it in the middle of the room away from all the walls . This does not work all the time , but it could be an option for you.

Tiny bathroom ideas Interior