Tips for Decorating Studio Apartments

Occupancy in the apartment there is only one room. Living room, dining, and kitchen into one single area. Apartment with a unit like this is often called a studio apartment. To avoid monotony, there are specific ways to decorate a studio apartment unit.  This article will give you some tips for decorating studio apartments. Please read the entire article.


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In decorating a studio apartment, choose a calm color scheme as you will be in the same room all the time. Fulfill the decoration with one or two bright colors in the pillows, accessories, or lights. One way to choose the color scheme is to use a favorite piece of artwork or fabric as an inspiration. Or use fabric paint. Plain white walls certainly boring. Paint them according to the light entering the room and color scheme. If your condo faces north and not much exposure to sunlight. pale yellow color will brighten the room. But if the condo you are exposed to sunlight from the west and the light green or blue will cool the room. Choose furniture that double. Use the table surface can be used to write, work, and the dining room table. Sofa that can be used to sleep during the day.


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tips for decorating studio apartments


Create a ‘barrier’ between the various rooms. You can use a row of plants as a barrier between the dining room with work space. In addition to bringing green elements into the room, the plant also did not take up much space physically and visually. Furthermore, use carpets to show the seating area. Take advantage of vertical space. Create a book shelf toward the ceiling. In addition, pairs of curtains just below the ceiling and not on top of the window. It is useful to improve the perception of your room. Make sure the fabric in the curtains hung from the ceiling to the floor. Create a focal point (focal point). Even a small space requires a focal point. Create a focal point by placing the two plant height on both sides of the window that leads to the outdoor scenery. Or display a row of your collection on a table. You can also put the statue and make him the spotlight. Enter the items that need to be stored. For storage. use a large basket and place it next to the table. Or table can be a storage place. You can put a storage area beneath a window or corner of the room.