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Some paint colors used to create an antique or weathered look, the Tuscan finish very popular. It is generally achieved using a Tuscan Paint Colors technology, especially washing, color and texture to create the illusion of age. See also be re-created by adding the surface, Venetian plaster, for example. Faux surfaces, creating the impression of texture on a flat surface is a practical and economical choice for decorators seeking the atmosphere of Italy. The structure is the right color palette is also essential for Tuscan look.
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Tuscan Look

Weathered or distressed Tuscan look is a comfortable, rustic and evocative. It calls up the mild Mediterranean climate and in the countryside or the farmers home, fragrant and patina of age, and worn, lived-esteem. Homes that inspired the Tuscan look is an organic quality, and would be plastered and painted in subtle colors, natural materials, many locally available.
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Decorative details are usually stenciled on the wall that borders and is the home country, folk art quality. Tiles and mosaics in complementary colors are also used. A versatile Tuscan Paint Colors finish is well suited to the informal living room, dining room, kitchen and terraces, but can also be effective in more formal rooms.
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Tuscan colors

A traditional Tuscan décor relied on local materials and homemakers are not chemical-based paints and a well designed and fillers available today. The term is thus an organic and earthy, and dark. Pigments, which historically has been used in paint colloquially known as ocher. This is typical of metal oxides (mainly iron, but also other metals such as manganese).
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Ferric oxide (iron ore) come in many shades of red. Warm colors can vary from bright red and deep maroon or rusty red-brown. Allied hues are rich oranges, shades of terra cotta, golden yellow and even varieties of pink or peach. These pigments are not only the basic components of color, but can also be used to tint the plaster.
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Although Tuscan Paint Colors are the essence of Tuscany palette of other colors are also included in the area. Muted blue and green (shades of olive and sage) is also effective in re-Tuscan ends. Tuscan look goes well with terracotta tiled floors.
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Choosing a Tuscan Palette

The natural colors of the Tuscan palette mix and match well, although there are other considerations. You can choose a different paint color intensity. Warmer colors may be required for cooling the room, and vice versa, cooler colors in bright, sunny place. Color washing requires at least two colors, but the new colors can be added to produce a more structured and varied effect.
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