Vintage Decorating Ideas

Vintage decorating ideas — Beloved grandmother had inherited furniture? Do not rush to get rid of antipathy and with reason: “It’s old school, not modern!”, Because it can perform any style of modern vintage. Rattan table and chairs, sofa cushion floral, and home-style cabinets Chinatown old days, are icons of the old school interior (first time). These objects are now widely used again and labeled with the nickname vintage interior. This furniture is not practical to give the impression, especially simple and clean. Especially for home-style vintage cabinets heavy Chinatown (because usually large and made of solid wood) and dark colored. Rattan furniture was often considered to be less practical because the cleaning process is quite complicated. Did not display the modern lifestyle that is practical and simple.


vintage decorating ideas for living rooms



vintage decorating ideas



If you think about this vintage interior seems very contradictory to the present home is likely limited its range and modern lifestyle that demands practicality. Is this true? Apparently not. Vintage decorating ideas provided you know the right tricks to make vintage looking modern interior style. The trick is to combine old school furniture with modern stylish furniture or other bright colors to apply to accompany the furniture was old school. With a blend of ancient and impression of this kind can be driven hard.


vintage decorating ideas for apartments



Decorative elements of the building long ago are still relevant today applied in the profile wall decorations such as trim, exposed stone walls lining the bottom of the wall, and so forth. Furniture that is also influenced by the old school of architecture that developed when it is de Stijl, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and so forth. Each has distinctive design features such as de Stijl-like style of minimalist modern architecture today. Art Nouveau style uses ornate tendrils. While many use the elements of Art Deco lines as a decoration. Thus, vintage touch to the interior of a house or apartment you can still make your house or apartment looks interesting and like no other. So, why do not you try right away? — vintage decorating ideas.