Vinyl floor tiles

Make a setup mind a floor in your home ? Make no mistake , simple and durable floor , you can opt for is there. Vinyl floor tiles is one of the best choices without losing sight of the long-lasting quality and affordability . Especially when you consider floor bathroom and kitchen, vinyl flooring is the best option . Evolution of installing vinyl flooring is increasing day by day. Not only the durability and affordability is the main reason , but it also has a wide range to select from. There are different designs , colors and types and prices depend on the quality and materials used in manufacturing. We will discuss in detail the characteristics of the soil .

Vinyl floor tiles black and whiteIntroduction to vinyl flooring :
Vinyl floor tiles is basically a building material made of polyvinyl chloride PVC Called . It is made of engineered wood products instead of original material. Similar to linoleum, but is more durable . It can be used in commercial areas such as offices , shopping centers and residential areas such as bedrooms and kitchens and bathrooms.

Types of vinyl flooring :
There are basically two types of this floor. One is called printed and the other is inlaid vinyl chloride. Printed contains a thin vinyl sheet and a coating printed paper . It’s cheap in cost and is not very durable, while the inlaid vinyl is thicker in balance sheet strength and expensive. Both are available on the market in the form of sheets and tiles.

Vinyl floor tiles bathroomBenefits of vinyl flooring :
Vinyl floor tiles is a low cost , durable and easy to maintain floor. It is highly resistant to moisture and quality makes this the best option for bathrooms and kitchen floor . It may be the largest floor for high traffic areas such as offices , shopping centers and schools. It is sub- layer provides comfort for the foot and add insulation .

Disadvantages of vinyl flooring :
One of the major drawbacks of vinyl flooring is that it can not be restored or polished. Over time it loses its luster when it seems dull and can wear . Although less in the cost of other flooring, but have shorter life compared . It is also sensitive to the sun and cold and can get fade or crack .

Vinyl floor tiles kitchen