Vinyl plank flooring

Plank flooring luxury vinyl is considered by many as the perfect blend of style and functionality. Styles by major manufacturers have never look better and more realistic. Luxury Vinyl plank flooring also provide in many cases , a more durable and hard floor that other options such as wood and laminate, especially when it comes to handling scratches and water issues . If you ‘re one of the many consumers who are considering wood vinyl plank looking for luxury, there are several things you need to know when choosing your floor.

Vinyl plank flooring reviewNot all Vinyl plank flooring planks luxury are created equal. There are some differences between building styles from the leading manufacturers . Support systems can vary between brands. Some wood plank luxury vinyl guarantees have residential and others are commercial warranty . Other differences include the board water proof vinyl or water resistant ? The board is UV stabilized to prevent fading ? Does the board of luxury vinyl wood you are looking to have built into the mold and against mold? In addition, some major manufacturers even certify their luxury vinyl to be hypoallergenic. You can also compare thickness as a concept of durability . Commodities , entry-level start rising about 2 mils to 6 mils . The bottom line here is that all luxury vinyl planks are built the same .

Vinyl plank flooring GreyThe price Vinyl plank flooring can vary enormously among the styles and brands. Prices vary from $ 99 per square foot to $ 5.00 per square foot. If your budget is limited and you need to go with a cheaper , entry-level luxury vinyl that goes . Make sure that the level of price you pay is the thickness and the wear of the product you are looking layer. You will see 2 million discounted products at the low end and work from there . The important point to remember here is to make sure you compare apples to apples when purchasing a specific price range.

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