Wall Mounted Dining Table as Smart Room Utilizing

A smart solution in decorating a dining room with limited space is by installing wall mounted dining table. As like a bed for bedroom, dining table becomes main furniture that must be located in the dining room. The design of this table is different depends on the room condition. It seems to be always suitable with the dining table interior style indeed. So, what does the wall mounted dining table look like?

Wall Mounted Dining Table Pictures

In decorating a living space, we always find numerous types and designs of furniture. Base and wall furniture become the most popular furniture series found in home decorating project. The base furniture is furniture which commonly put on the floor. And the floating furniture is furniture which normally stuck on the wall. This wall furniture is typically chosen as space saving solution in small living space. No wonder that wall mounted dining table becomes the best option to save more space in a small dining room. Compact is also known as minimalist. This design concept is always utilized on wall mounted dining table. Of course the design of the floating dining table is quite different with its common design. Wall mounted dining table doesn’t have legs to hold it on the floor. One side of the table top is patented on the wall. There are some strong nails which are used to stick it on the wall properly. This kind of dining table is only used in small space with two or three dining table users at the same time. Chairs or stools are always ideal to support the function of the table.

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Besides floating as useful dining table in the dining room, wall mounted dining table is also functional as compact office table. Having a small living space seems to be hard for certain matter. It is included creating the best area as working space like home office. If you don’t have more room in the house for home office, you can use this versatile floating dining table as working spot. Installing modular bookshelves on the wall next to the table looks wonderful to complete this minimalist home office in the dining room.

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