White Furniture

White Furniture  The development of furniture design more and more stretched even though the world in times of crisis. We can see how modern and compact design dominated almost every existing furniture exhibition. Changes and new innovations are also conducted, in addition to the color design in determining trends. If in previous years to hit a dark color, then it’s just a tendency toward an impressive light white color. Here are some of the furniture with white furniture is a current occupancy trend.


White Furniture



white furniture room ideas


Why should we choose white color? The white color reflects the color that is identical with the impression of clean and light. This color is now shown in place of a dark color that assessed from boring and monotonous. Therefore, the white color for modern design or White Furniture that is now slowly and surely will dominate the current trend of furniture. In addition to color, stainless steel jewelry also adds modern furniture. This can be found on the handle cabinets, drawers, chair or table leg. Besides the advantage of stainless steel is not rust, so durable and easy to maintain.


white furniture room


Any color looks different when paired with white. Especially the black color can be obtained from the color of natural stone, can neutralize the color white so as not to look monotonous. The color white can be applied to other parts such as sills, columns, trim profile, or on a sticky materials such as stone accents. The white color suitable for people who liked it, but if you do not like it, sometimes white looks too cold, there is a tendency too white to have a cooling effect that is often associated with the color of ‘ice’, especially in interior design. If desired to shades of white could use a bit of gray or other colors mixed in a bit. To light in the space of the dominant white can use white or yellow light, because white can still look attractive with white or yellow light scheme — White Furniture.