White Wall Stripes

White wall stripes — Selection of color can change the feeling of the room and change the perception of space. Sometimes we find a room in our house is not ideal, both in terms of size and interior. Similarly the line pattern or stripes patterns. Either traditional or modern nuances, especially the line pattern on the walls and floors, has a purpose. The line has the power to direct the architecture of the eye and give a strong impression in the room.


white wallpaper



white wall stripes


Line on a small scale on furniture or accessories into a neutral pattern. The line or white wall stripes have a small risk, and easily applied into any room type. Vertical lines carry the impression of majestic and masculine, while the walls or curtains will give the impression of height, and can make a low ceiling seem higher. If you are interested to apply vertical lines, but worried stuck like atmosphere of a circus tent, then play the line safely, such as mix and match two different colored lines, such as cream and beige. While the horizontal line, you can apply it to the corridor space. Applying horizontal lines make it seem longer, lower ceilings, and a more spacious room or area. Some interesting applications of this line can make the room warmer. With a variety of colors and widths, horizontal lines bring a fresh and pleasant impression.


black and white wall stripes


For making the effect on the line other than painting the walls can also be done with the installation of wallpaper. Wallpaper can add character and drama elements of a room. You can put your own wallpaper at home. If done with the patient and meticulous, the room will turn into more attractive. To feel spacious, neat and clean, wallpaper with a pattern of stripes can be selected. You can choose white color for stripes motif and combined it with other colors like black, blue or pink for a more attractive appearance — white wall stripes.