Wooden light shades

Blinds and shades are window coverings common for similar purposes, such as giving the privacy of individuals within a particular establishment or protecting the inside of direct sunlight.

– Venetian blinds, vinyl or metal is composed of many flat horizontal slats connected to a chain with a 170 degrees rotation adjustments for hiding the light or it can be pulled up to clear the window. The Wooden light shades rotation is dependent on the connector being attached to a pull rope or string, so that the lowering and raising are done by pulling different channels.
Wooden light shade
– Venetian blinds are slatted blind having either a plastic or metal composition. There are also Wooden light shades available in relation to wood or bamboo blinds. The slat width ranges from 50 to 120mm, but the most common width is 50mm.

– Mini-blinds are Venetian blinds having narrower width slats ranging from 19 to 24mm.

– Vertical blinds have slats made of plastic, metal or stiffened fabric hanging to a track on one end. The horizontal lamellae has a rotation of 90 degrees to allow light to pass or can be folded on either side of the window or door. They also called as track blinds.
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– Blinds can be solid or roll back, but it can not be fully opened so that light can pass through. These types of blinds are popularly called blinds. These blinds are:

– Holland blinds also known as automatic roller blinds can be pulled down the blinds to start.

Wooden light shades that are woven bamboo strips have decorative wood or other natural material woven with colored thread, string or other simple materials having decorations almost similar to a solid blind. These blinds roll or fold for slight adjustments. Woven wood blinds are affordable shutters alternatives, energy efficient and has greater control over the lights.
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pleated shades are made of fabric with pleated shades being pulled up so he can sit squarely on top of the window.

– shades resembles a honeycomb pleated shades, the only difference are the other layers being sewed on the pleats forming a compartment trapping air for insulation. If you want more insulation and energy efficiency, looking for cell counts more.
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